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The Vorarlberg is the westernmost province in Austria and borders Italy to the south, Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the west, Germany to the north and the Austrian province of the Tyrol to the east.

Geographically, the Rhine valley is the dominant factor in the western part of the province, providing a fertile area for the historic settlements which have developed into the main towns of the province.

To the north lies the border with Germany. Part of the border is shared on Lake Constance, with the provincial capital Bregenz situated on the southeastern bank of the lake, and part runs through the Allgäu up to the Arlberg region on the eastern border.

To the south and east are the high mountains of the Rätikon, Silvretta and the Verwall ranges. The highest point in the Vorarlberg is Piz Buin at over 3,300m, while the lowest is just under 400m at Lake Constance.

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