Weather Austria

Austrian Weather

The weather in Austria is a predominantly alpine pattern, with influences from the Mediterranean climate to the south and the Pannonian climate to the east.

The mountains of the western part of Austria mean that precipitation in the form of winter snow and summer rain is higher than the flatter eastern section. The predominant weather pattern is from west to east, although cold northerly weather and warm southern air flows also have an important influence, especially when it comes to the all-important snowfall in the ski resorts for the winter season.

The Alps make up almost two-thirds of Austria's landmass, with foothills and lakes contributing most of the rest. With such a mountainous landscape, river valleys have played an important part in the development of settlements and trade routes and many of the major towns lie at important strategic and accessible points.

Austria is divided into nine different provinces. The map below provides links to the weather forecasts for the capitals of each province, as well as for the town of Lienz in the East Tyrol. Click on the marker to open a window with a link to the weather forecast or simply use the navigation to the right to visit the desired destination.

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